Cover Reveal for BEYOND THE CABIN

Hi everyone, Thanks to some truly inspired work by Nathan Shumate, cover artist/designer extraordinaire, Beyond the Cabin has a cover that I am very much in love with. Want to see it? Here you go:               What do you...

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Tasty Updates on BEYOND THE CABIN

Okay my friends, I'll post continuing updates to this here post. Let's kick things off, shall we? 1. I have a cover. I love said cover. I want to hug and kiss and maybe marry said cover. Okay, forget about the marry part. And the kissing part. I'll be revealing the...

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It’s Done

I just spent all night on final rewrites, edits, and darling killing. Beyond the Cabin is ready for typesetting and everything else now. It's good, pretty tight, and I'm so excited!

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Publishing a Book!

Hi everyone! If you follow me on social media, you know that I have spent two years making the book formerly known as The Cabin, and now called Beyond the Cabin, pretty great and trying to get it agented and published. I had several nibbles and even a few bites, which...

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What Do You Want?

Quite a question, isn't it? When was the last time somebody asked you, "What do you want?" I'm not talking about somebody at a restaurant either. Seriously. Think about it. Can you remember when this wasn't such a huge question? Can you remember being able to answer...

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PitchWars, WriteOnCon, and Frustration

I'm involved in PitchWars this year. Here is what it is: I even posted a link to my bio here: I'm hoping it will help me jumpstart back into writing...

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The Year of Job

Sometimes I wonder what we mean when we encourage someone going through tough times to "stay strong." Or what do we mean when we feel like we have to be strong to help someone get through a trying time? Do we mean that the person or people going through the trying...

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A Poll About Relationships

Look over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have put up a poll about what men need most in a relationship. The objective for me is to find out what people, both men and women, believe about this...

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Our Default Mode Is Love

There’s a lot being said about John Dehlin and Kate Kelly in Mormon circles these days. You know who these two are: John is the runner of the Mormon Stories podcast and Kate Kelly is the founder of the Ordain Women movement. People have opinions on what John and Kate...

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My Mothers

Of course I'm thinking about mothers on Mothers' Day. Interestingly, by the way, this was a day originally enacted by women as a protest against war. In any case, I'm thinking about mothers. I knew my mother. I suppose I spent the first five or six years of my life...

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What Ceremony Else?

Today is William Shakespeare's birthday. I've been thinking about how life-changing his work has been for me, how he more than anyone else has taught me the power of words and their arrangement. He arranged words in such a way that we can easily distinguish...

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I’m A Writer, I’m Not Mentally Ill, Now What?

I write. I don't write consistently enough. Sometimes it's like I have to push through heavy layers of emotional reticence just to get to work on a project. I must have some kind of mental illness, or emotional damage, which is making it so hard for me. That's got to...

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My Orange Chicken Recipe

I make ridiculously good orange chicken. Here's how: Equipment Needed Deep fryer or deep pot and lots of good frying oil I use coconut oil A big pan or wok to coat the chicken in sauce Ingredients Dipping mixture Corn starch (1.5 cups) Unbleached white flour (1.5...

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All For The Good

My friends, I thought it would be nice if I wrapped up the journey my beloved and I have been on this year. You can get the whole story and details up until now in two parts. Part one here. And Part two here. It started with us being led to do something that required...

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Be A Man

Will the so-called 'gender wars' never cease? What do we have to do to get people to treat each other fairly and with tolerance, love, and respect? Well, I (along with history) can tell you that making a law ain't going to get it done. Making a bunch of laws won't...

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Coolest Science Experiment With an Egg

Our firstborn, lovingly nicknamed T-Rock, suggested the other day that we do an experiment with an egg and vinegar. So I grabbed one of our fresh eggs, only recently produced from the butt of one of our chickens, and he grabbed a pint mason jar. We put the egg in...

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Agency and Dodging a Tumor-Shaped Bullet

It's incredible to me as I sit here looking back on what began on January 11th. My beloved pregnant, bleeding slightly. Our expectation that the ER would simply say, "Take it easy." We had been told by Father in Heaven that we ought to get pregnant. Both of us had...

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God’s Hand, Free Agency, and a Mass

I have dear friends with whom I really only interact online, save for the occasional writing conference I'm able to attend and other happy incidents. I love these people very much and feel their care for me as a blessing and a privilege. Friends share things with...

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The Resolutions We’re All too Chicken to Make

Did your 2013 go quickly? If you're past thirty-five years old, I'm guessing it felt like your fastest year yet. If you have kids, it was likely the simultaneously fastest and slowest year you've ever experienced. Did you make resolutions for 2013? I did. When I...

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The Top Ten Things the Universe is Trying to Tell You

The universe called. It's been trying to get a hold of us. Here's what it's been trying to tell us for kind of a while now. 10. Men are from Earth, and women are too. Some of the points made in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus are valid. Men and women are...

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