Seeing as the Lord Sees, Doing as the Lord Does

I gave a talk in church on Mother's Day. I just put a video version on YouTube here. I wanted to share it in text form too for those who prefer to read super fast. Here you go: **** Have you ever noticed that in the Bible, for many of the prophets and rulers, we are...

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Events for 2019

All righty, friends. I'm late putting this up, but it will do me some good to get this all down visually and if you're trying to catch up with me, there are plenty of opportunities. I'll list all the events I'll be at/have been at for 2019. This will be updated as the...

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Goals for 2019

I haven't had really any goals for several years. I'm not sure when I stopped, but I think it might have been when I started working for Amazon. That job was so absorbing in every way: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You know, that has to be it. I...

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USURPER is out!

I blog very little now, since novels are a lot more fun to write. But big news! Usurper, the sequel to Lakhoni, is out! Ready to be purchased and read and reviewed by everyone who reads this and more. Here's a link.  Go forth! Download. Enjoy! Review!

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An Open Letter to Richard Paul Evans. Man to Man.

(and to the men and women who can't see the problem in what he himself is admitting to having done) Disclaimer: I'm not wading into the abominable behavior of folks connected to FanX here, particularly in the way they've treated Shannon Hale (who is one of my heroes)...

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Writers Watch Out

Hi writers. In the interest of doing a bit of a service, I thought I would make a list of some really common red flags that you should watch out for when perusing small publishers. Here, for your enjoyment, is my list, with my own trademarked names for each red flag....

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Here, My Loves, Is Chapter One of SHOWDOWN AT SERPENT RIDGE

Chapter 1                                                                          Ropes             I leaned carefully toward the rock face, letting my douli slide backward. I liked the shade from the tightly woven straw hat, but the wide brim was always getting in...

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In Which I Fix Everything

The world today seems absolutely crackers. If you get this reference, will you be my forever friend? And comment to prove you get the reference, because even forever friends must be accountable. Have you noticed how people are losing their minds these days about...

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More On Dreams

A couple years ago, I wrote about following your dreams. Lots of us dream about all kinds of things: travel, meeting someone special, meeting a famous writer or... I guess an actor or something. Writers are cooler. *ahem* Anyway. I thought I would revisit that post...

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A Plan for All and a Plan for Each

On June 1, 2017, I shared this experience. In the original post in 2017, names were changed. All names are now accurate. Warning: I am going to be unabashed in my language and enthusiasm about my faith right now. Read on if you dare. Last night a remarkable thing...

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I Did Drugs in High School

Gotcha to click, didn't I? I didn't actually do drugs in high school, but now that you're here, stick around. What I actually did was a health class report on illegal substances. The report listed in detail the many illegal drugs out there and their extreme dangers....

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Newsletter is Imminent!

Howdy, faithful fans! Exactly one month late according to my goals in the previous post, the Garrish Army (the army of fans and readers and friends and even enemies trying to subvert the system because I am all about sticking it to the man) will receive its first ever...

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Bigger, More, and Pwnage

If you've been following me as a writer, friend, or general human person, you almost certainly know that I don't have a whole lot of patience. This is good and bad. With my kids, I need more patience. I'm working on that. With my writing career, I have limited...

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i hide so much it starts at work when i talk about stories and art and only empty eyes respond because they're not hiding anything except emptiness and my problem i think sometimes is that i am so not empty i overflow too much with hurt for people's pain and hurt for...

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The Kanab Writers Conference

This last weekend, I attended and presented at the Kanab Writers Conference. Kanab is a small city in very Southern Utah-- about 4 miles north of the Arizona/Utah border. It is the city nearest to the Best Friends Animal Society, which is world famous and back before...

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Final Test

Here's a short story I wrote a year and a half ago. It's kind of fun and will be part of the anthology I am working on. It's called Final Test. *** Aaron needed a weapon. He ducked left, but it was as if his opponent could see the future, because the enormous creature...

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THE SEER’s Kindle Scout Campaign

All right, Garrish Army. Gonna lead with this: the only way this works out is if you help. I need this from you: Nominate The Seer in its Kindle Scout campaign. Click here. If you have an Amazon account, you'll probably have to log into the Kindle Scout site with your...

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My Ideal Work Day

Let's do some dream vocalization, shall we? For your reading pleasure, my ideal work day. Please share your ideal work day in the comments! Wake up at 7AM. Write 1500 words. Lift weights etc. for an hour. Shower and breakfast. Write for another hour. Take a couple...

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Fix It!

I don't know about you, but I think Kenan Thompson of SNL fame is one of the most talented people they have right now. And as I consider the terrible tragedies that happen around the world: Kenya in 2015, the refugees from all over for the last decade, the miasma in...

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It’s On Us, Guys

I dadded pretty hard today. I worked from home due to a kid being sick and ended up witnessing one kid being aggressive with two of my other kids. We don't tolerate that stuff. We don't try to compel fear in others. It's a big fat double Nope around here. So I told...

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