Well, that was a long lag. But nobody’s reading this, so I have nobody to apologize to but myself.

Sorry, me.

Okay. Here’s what I have been doing:

I finished the lawn articles project and immediately put some of the knowledge I gained through research into action! I did a major landscape overhaul on the front yard. It took me about four full days of work.

Also, I went to see a company about getting involved to make some $$. Instead of becoming a very part time rep, I have been hired as their staff writer! Wahoo! I am familiarizing myself with their system now and will be writing shortly!

I still need to revise my Mars Betrayal proposal.

I had an idea for a story called The Midnight Runners’ Club.

And I am hard at work on Helium.com. I expect to be featured on Thursday.

So I need to get to bed, but that is my writing update. We also had General Conference this weekend, and that was an amazing and powerful spiritual experience.

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Jared Garrett

Author of the Beat Series

Woops! Two weeks lag! Today is October 9th.