they really like me!

Or maybe they are …. uh… I actually can’t think of anything else.

Check out again and show support for good old me. I’m featured on their homepage again! I really have no clue why I’m featured again, so soon after I had an article featured and was the featured writer, but I’m not complaining.

This website is really nifty. Any writer or person who wants to be a writer should go there through my referral link though, that means I get more cred there. So try this out:

That’ll make things happen.

Seriously, the writing thing is–as a freelancer– is going somewhere suddenly. I’ve got to come back tonight and pass on some of what’s been happening. These last couple of weeks have been a very interesting time.

May the force be with you.

It looks like my writing lives. So I’m off to carpe somnium. (Grammar sucks there, but it’s fun to say.)

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Jared Garrett

Author of the Beat Series

Wow, they like me…