Okay then. I had to do a bunch of stuff this evening, not the least of which being make bread and do a big cleaning project.

So I ended up with less time than I wanted. I had about two hours for this.

I wrote an outline of about 1600 words tonight. It’s not done, but the shape is coming together nicely. I’ve really learned a lot about character, conflict and stakes over the last year.

This should be a pretty fun book to write. High stakes, lots of action, and… drum roll please… I’m writing it in first person. Did I say that before? I don’t know, but I’m usually very averse to first person.

But it’s a fun experiment. I’m liking the possibilities.

I’ll go ahead and make sure I write 3000 words tomorrow and all next week so that I can make up the novel word count I lost today.

This is the fifth night in a row that I’m up til 2 am. I gotta stop this and do my writing in the AM. I have a plan to help me do this starting next week. For now, it’s bed time and I’m going to go catch some z’s.

carpe somnium!

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Jared Garrett

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