Judging by thermometers in the area, the temperature in Provo, Utah hit at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit today.

Sheesh. Why oh why do I live in a desert?

Anyway, onto the writing thing. The Cabin is now at over 50,000 words. I’ve done 2378 words so far today and probably 2000 yesterday. Or so. I think there are likely about 8000 words left. Just a guess.

I have mixed feelings about finishing this book. The final scenes are pretty heavy- not necessarily in tone, but in what they need to accomplish. I need to show this guy’s journey accurately, making where he ends up be worth a reader working his way through the book to get to it.

So I’m a little anxious. I almost don’t want to finish it, but at the same time, I really do. I feel like I’ve got some great momentum going and I need to not waste it. I want this book to be good, and I’m willing to do what it takes.

As soon as I can get some feedback on the stuff I’m sending with my query for this book, I will get it sent out. I had wanted to have the queries out already, but there’s no rushing excellence.

So that’s it pretty much. If you haven’t visited my other blog: http://gruntandsweat.blogspot.com you should do so. It’s kind of fun and maybe more interesting than this one.

I’ll be back.

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