Well howdy partners. Sorry, I said that because I just saw a good western movie and was in the mood.

I have written several articles for www.helium.com over the last couple of days. I am wanting to place in a contest there, as well as hit the 800 article mark this week. So tomorrow I hope to do so. Plus, they are still doing their reward-a-thon and every article I write gets extra $$ these days.

I do hope to work on The Cabin this week still, although I am going out of town from tomorrow until Saturday. I will probably do some work on it while I am gone. I don’t exactly want to do this trip (it’s to a conference that ChartedCourse is doing) but I need to go as the writer for the company so I can report on it.

I actually applied to a job today. It is with my church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am not sure I will even get a call on it, but I felt an impression that I ought to check their employment website and so I did. I immediately found an opening for Assistant Editor for one of the church magazines, called The Friend. So I applied and tried hard to really accentuate my abilities as a writer. Even if this job doesn’t happen, I will still probably need to try to get employment in the next five or six months. Money is running low and we can’t really afford insurance.

But I will still fight for the dream and I hope to get The Cabin done as soon as possible. Sometimes I feel like I am pinning a lot of my hopes on this book. I think that’s because I have a feeling that it can be really good, as long as I get after it and work hard on it. But I really need to work at it. Helium is a great place, but it’s not paying the bills.

This is one reason that I am going to the conference. I hope to learn some things about real estate investing that I can use. We plan to kill our portfolio and use that $$ for investment in real estate. The stock market is bleeding badly and I just can’t see keeping our shares when it’s such a good time to get into property. Yep, it is a buyer’s market right now, although some might argue that.

My, these posts sure do wander sometimes.

Here’re a couple articles I have done for Helium that I am happy with:


I hope you enjoy them. I got a comment from somebody who is actually reading this blog. That’s very nice and thank you! Anybody else who wants to comment can feel free!

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End of Tuesday, February 5th, 2008