Training Portfolio

A few items for my public-facing training portfolio.

The first is an MP4 showing a video-driven eLearning template. Simple and easy to use. It’s huge so that it can be cut down- which is easier than adding to it.


Second up is an MP4 demo of part of a module I made, with help from a voiceover talent, for our advertising sales people.

Next is an article I wrote for my industry, called ADDIE Isn’t Dead.

ADDIE Isn’t Dead

Next is a brochure listing my appearance and presentation at DevLearn 2014- a huge industry conference for talent Development.

devlearn 2014 brochure with me

Next is the development process I created/adapted for one of the companies I worked for.

PD Process

And finally some stats:

Via my Presentation Skills Training program, I’ve trained 500+ people globally via 40 sessions. This program has the highest NPS score in Amazon Advertising’s training history. Learning lift is in the range of 45-55%.

I helped Bluehost reduce their training/ramp time for their technical support phone specialists by 33%. Within my first month.