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I Did Drugs in High School

Gotcha to click, didn’t I? I didn’t actually do drugs in high school, but now that you’re here, stick around. What I actually did was a health class report on illegal substances. The report listed in detail the many illegal … Continue reading

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Ban That Book!

I understand and sympathize with book banners. And I take serious issue with the statement I saw on Twitter today, where someone claimed, “No, sometimes kids need to read something outside of what their parents might chose [sic].” Wrong. That’s … Continue reading

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Is Year-Round School the Answer?

Please tell me that this fellow’s thoughts are not echoed by more than three other Americans:  http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/05/10/granderson.yearround.school/index.html?hpt=C2 Granderson’s piece focuses on his premise that American students should be going to school year-round. I more than vehemently disagree with this stance; … Continue reading

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My 10-Year-Old Could Graduate

The other evening I washed the dishes. (Warning: Long post. Angry at times, too.) Everybody try to push your mouth closed, please revive anyone who might have fainted. Anyway, I washed the dishes and did some other housework which required … Continue reading

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When Should I Make a Fuss?

When is it okay to make a fuss? My older two boys, Spasmodeous and Bill, were in spelling bees today. They had finished in the top four of their individual classes’ spelling bees and thus went on to the grade … Continue reading

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