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In Which I Fix Everything

The world today seems absolutely crackers. If you get this reference, will you be my forever friend? And comment to prove you get the reference, because even forever friends must be accountable. Have you noticed how people are losing their … Continue reading

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Cynicism, Idealism, and Responsibility

Have you seen the polls that indicate that nearly half of survey respondents think that it’s okay for a police officer to check a phone’s history if that phone’s owner has just been in a car accident? How about the … Continue reading

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In Defense of Utah

I posted a Twitter update the other day that set me to thinking. Yes, I know, I probably ought to think BEFORE I tweet, but really, who does that? (Disclaimer: This is a long post. Save yourself and find hilarity … Continue reading

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Why I don’t get political…

Political ranting, posturing and arguments are a common thing today. Notice I don’t say political debate. Not going to follow that line very far at all, but I am often frustrated at the fact that true political debate doesn’t happen. … Continue reading

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