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Jared Garrett is the author of Beat, a YA scifi thriller, and its forthcoming sequel, both published by Future House Publishing. A new series, debuting in January 2016 and also published by Future House, kicks off with Lakhoni, a fast-paced rescue adventure in a world reminiscent of Aztec culture, to be released in January 2016. He self-published Beyond the Cabin, a novelization of his childhood in a cult, in December 2014. Both Beat and Beyond the Cabin were Whitney Award nominees, and his story Song of the Wind, received honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest. In addition to writing, he's spent fifteen years in adult education and is an accomplished public speaker and workshop leader.

Writers Watch Out

Hi writers. In the interest of doing a bit of a service, I thought I would make a list of some really common red flags that you should watch out for when perusing small publishers. Here, for your enjoyment, is … Continue reading

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Here, My Loves, Is Chapter One of SHOWDOWN AT SERPENT RIDGE

Chapter 1                                                                          Ropes             I leaned carefully toward the rock face, letting my douli slide backward. I liked the shade from the tightly woven straw hat, but the wide brim was always getting in my way. I had to get … Continue reading

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In Which I Fix Everything

The world today seems absolutely crackers. If you get this reference, will you be my forever friend? And comment to prove you get the reference, because even forever friends must be accountable. Have you noticed how people are losing their … Continue reading

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More On Dreams

A couple years ago, I wrote about following your dreams. Lots of us dream about all kinds of things: travel, meeting someone special, meeting a famous writer or… I guess an actor or something. Writers are cooler. *ahem* Anyway. I … Continue reading

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A Plan for All and a Plan for Each

Warning: I am going to be unabashed in my language and enthusiasm about my faith right now. Read on if you dare. For the meantime, many of the names in this story are being changed, just to be safe. Last … Continue reading

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