Thursday, November 29: Meh..

Well, I really should have gotten more done today. Tuesday went by the numbers, I did what I was supposed to and am looking on track to win $15 from Helium contests. Not silly money, but it’s a start.

Today I ended up finishing an important article and submitting it to FamilyFun Magazine. I really hope it does well.

I also got word that an online publisher is picking up this article:

And that is just fine, seeing as how I never expected to make much off of it except for some small ad revenue and a boost in a contest. It’s a good article though.

Also, I have been in contact with the Thomson Heinle (really Cengage) fellow who is running the contract show for The Mars Betrayal. It looks good. The total advance, given in three stages of the writing and submission process, is $5000. That is, in my opinion, wonderful for a first book. What is more, royalties are surprising: ranging from 5% to 8% in different cases.

So, I am excited, but did not get stuff done today. I ended up doing a lot around the house and then writing some articles for Helium. This is the last week for the College Writing Contest, and I really need to make a good showing in it. I really hope to get to serious work tomorrow, but it might need to be in the morning, as I have some errands I have to do in the afternoon. Unless I do the errands in the morning… We’ll see.

I am reading Garth Nix’s book Sabriel right now. Took about fifty pages to really get cooking, but is now moving along very very well. It is a fully realized, remarkably original world with all the good archetypes done refreshingly well.

That’s all. Wahoo! I can hardly believe that in my first four months at this writing thing I have had this kind of success. What am I doing sitting and not on my knees?

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Jared Garrett is the author of Beat, a YA scifi thriller, and its forthcoming sequel, both published by Future House Publishing. A new series, debuting in January 2016 and also published by Future House, kicks off with Lakhoni, a fast-paced rescue adventure in a world reminiscent of Aztec culture, to be released in January 2016. He self-published Beyond the Cabin, a novelization of his childhood in a cult, in December 2014. Both Beat and Beyond the Cabin were Whitney Award nominees, and his story Song of the Wind, received honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest. In addition to writing, he's spent fifteen years in adult education and is an accomplished public speaker and workshop leader.
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