A report on my first day following the program

Program? Certainly, I’m on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the Atkins and the C Food diets. So I’m following lots of programs.

You know, I’m lying. I am on a lifestyle change though. I’m eating far less sugar, not having snacks every night (only 6 out of 7 nights.. okay.. maybe more like 2 out of 7) and am exercising enthusiastically.

I’m down nearly ten pounds this year. Annemarie, with whom I am competing in a home-based Biggest Loser, is beating me, of course. She’s down fifteen on the year.

How did I get into this discussion? Uh…

Oh yeah. Program.

So the program I really meant was the getting up early and doing some creative writing every morning. I got up early yesterday, but only just in time to make it to the gym to meet a friend and repeatedly lift iron. This morning I got up at 5AM and got right to it.

Okay, I’m lying again. Or just pulling somebody’s leg. Or maybe I’m just a git.

I got up at 5 to write, but also because we needed bread to be available for breakfast and lunches. So I had some wheat flour soaking overnight and then whipped it into dough and loaves and ended up with 5 nice loaves of bread. The house smells great.

Interspersed with kneading and forming loaves and such, I did some writing on a book I started in December. This was the book I wanted to do entirely for my own ImGoToWrANoMo project, which didn’t work out due to the need to make $$$. So today I wrote about 760 words in about 30 minutes of writing, but I also took time to go through the outline and what I already had. The book is now at 4387 words (about 11 pages).

So it was a good thing. Feels good to be working on it again, albeit I also felt like it was rough going for a little bit there too.

I have to get in to the office so I can make calls. I’ll be back later.

carpe somnium

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Jared Garrett is the author of Beat, a YA scifi thriller, and its forthcoming sequel, both published by Future House Publishing. A new series, debuting in January 2016 and also published by Future House, kicks off with Lakhoni, a fast-paced rescue adventure in a world reminiscent of Aztec culture, to be released in January 2016. He self-published Beyond the Cabin, a novelization of his childhood in a cult, in December 2014. Both Beat and Beyond the Cabin were Whitney Award nominees, and his story Song of the Wind, received honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest. In addition to writing, he's spent fifteen years in adult education and is an accomplished public speaker and workshop leader.
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