ImGoToWrANoMo Report for Wednesday, December 3, 2008.

Okay. Last night I decided to see what I could do with a book idea I had about four years ago. I wrote the first chapter, loved the kernel of the story but was unhappy with the tone and style, and put it away, thinking of it often.

So it’s about a kid named Roger Hollacher, or Roh, and some magical and terrifying things that happen to him. He’s exceedingly overweight, surprisingly fast, a good cook, likes to count to seven and sees patterns of seven in lots of things, and may actually not be entirely human.

We’ll see.

I wrote… 3570 words today. I keep having to turn off my mental editor. This is going to be good practice, even if the book itself sucks.

I have the first chapter, with some nice character stuff, some conflict and motivation, and at least one inciting event. It ends with a nice image.

Tomorrow I might not shoot for the goal, although I’ll probably hit it in a different way. I need to outline this story somewhat. I need to know in general where it is going. If I do this, I will feel more comfortable with letting Roh as a character have his way. I won’t make a terribly detailed outline, but it will have the general arc, highlight moments, and very likely a resolution, although all of that’s flexible.

It’s good to be writing. This was hard. I kept getting up to get a drink and wanting to check my e-mail.

Tomorrow another report. Until then…

carpe somnium

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